Lingual Braces

Lingual braces are a bit different to more traditional techniques as the braces are fitted to the backs of the teeth and are virtually invisible as a result.

This has made them very popular in recent years, particularly with patients who are keen to have their teeth straightened but are not keen on wearing conventional braces.

We have seen many adults preferring lingual braces for this reason indeed there have been various celebrities who have improved their smile this way.

As with all fixed braces they offer the orthodontist a greater degree of control than removable techniques and can treat a wide range of problems. This means that results are of a very high standard.

There are some disadvantages with lingual braces however. The main one being that they can cause some irritation to the tongue due to being fitted to that side of the tooth. Lingual treatment is also more expensive and tends to take longer than more conventional methods.