Adult Orthodontics

You are never too old to get the smile you want. These days more and more adults are having treatment with braces to improve the appearance by having their teeth straightened or gaps corrected.

At the Orthodontic Centre we have a whole range of aesthetic braces and can produce dramatic results in less time than you might expect.

After obtaining records of your teeth including photographs, models and appropriate x-rays, your orthodontist will determine the most appropriate treatment for you and the best braces to do the job.

Your initial consultation over two appointments only costs £100. During these we will explain all of the options available to you and there is absolutely no obligation to proceed with any treatment if you decide against it.

Overall costs vary depending on the difficulty, the likely duration of treatment and the type of braces used. As a guide, prices are usually between £2000 and £4500 and we have a variety of payment options available to you to help spread the costs.

Our aim is to make it as easy as we can for you to get the smile you’ve always wanted. Please get in touch to find out more today.

Adult Orthodontics